buried in teeth.

[[ i did NOT mean to be gone so long oh my god ]]


remember when i drew a hipster mina

well i did it again

[[ someone on my dash is talking about somebody named dean and for a second i was just

who is this imposter ]]


"Yeah—", she grunted, cringing at every single movement she made, "Just splendid. Woo-fuckin’-hoo… see, I’m fine.”


"Fantastic! I’ll leave you to it then."

Yeah, she says that, but she’s leaning forward subconsciously with every cringe Annie’s making. “Hey, seriously though, do you need help, I can get a medic-“

Aggressively worries.

"Hey, Annie, are uh… Are you doin’ alright?"

[[ ok so!! i think i might be going on a little hiatus

or a semi-hiatus? ill still be here but. school and finals have been taking up all my time lately, and i may be getting a job soon!! so life is kind of busy right now

im sorry!! ill still be here tho, feel free to talk to me! my skype is emotionscamel if you want to chat with me there uvu

have a nice day! ]]

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[[ dont play off at 1 in the morning

just dont do it man ]]


     A dream that has been dreamt,
          Has only been dreamt because I dream.


     { ☾ }— Mainly novella/lit roleplay. Also welcome to one-liners.
     { ☾ }— Crossover and OC friendly [selective]. Multiship.
     { ☾ }— Open to slight NSFW RP containing gore.
     { ☾ }— Currently accepting Magic Anonymous


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i’ve seen a lot of posts saying “who is annie apologising to after the battle of trost????” and i’ve seen a billion theories (at least 87% of them were fuKCING MARCO)

but guess what. if u guys paid fucking attention


look at the bitten off head


who died with their head bitten off?


mina fucking carolina that’s what

so annie is apologising to mina. cause mina was her only friend in the squad. and this kills my heart cause. annie.

good fucking bye

if u at least friend-ship them then high five


How ‘bout them unpopular ships eh? EH? No but seriously can’t you just imagine them spending their days off just walking around town, having fluffy moments and talking about their dream future  together siiggghh

In that forest of drizzling rain


in all my time in the RPGmaker game rp community i havent seen one kirisame ga furu mori account. lets fix that


"You look beautiful." 

Ahhh I dunno a decent drawing of that Frozen AU? I dunno v u v

Time for Thomas- Hans, Kristoff- Marco, Sven-Jean hurhur

royalsisters-deactivated2014012: "I don’t think we’ve met before…"

"Oh! I guess we haven’t. Sorry, you just looked like a friend of mine, I thought she might’ve changed her hairstyle…"



Have you always wanted our muses to meet, but didn’t know how they would first interact? Send me one of the following ice breakers so we can embark on our roleplaying adventure!

  • "Good morning, sorry I’m late!"
  • "I’m not late am I?"
  • "I don’t think we’ve met before…"
  • "You look familiar, have we met?"
  • "Do I know you?"
  • "Sorry! You dropped this!"
  • "Oh, sorry I thought you were someone else, I didn’t mean to hug you!"
  • "Watch where you’re going!"
  • "Are you okay? You didn’t fall too badly did you?"
  • "I should have said something earlier, I’m-"
  • "I’ve seen you around, I’ve just never had the guts to say hi."
  • "You must be new…"
  • "Do you need a hand?"
  • "Have you just moved in?"
  • "If you want me to show you around, I don’t mind helping."
  • "I saw you from across the room and I had to say hi."
  • "I wouldn’t buy that if I were you."
  • "Do you need some help?"
  • "Is this yours?"
  • "Sorry, I’m not from around here, do you know where the nearest pharmacy is?"
  • "Hey, have you got change for a note?"
  • "Want some gum?"
  • "Ah, sorry. I’ll move my bag, this seat is free."
  • "Careful!"
  • "Not every day you meet someone with such a smile!"
  • "Thanks for holding the door open for me!"
  • "Uhm, excuse me. Hey, wake up! This isn’t your stop is it?"


You know what I really want? A Frozen AU with Annie as Elsa and Mina as Anna. Hans could be Thomas (them sideburns ayyyy) and Kristoff could be Marco! (Jean as Sven -cough-)

I only had time to half-ass these doodles but I’ll draw proper ones later!
v uv Including Thomas, marco and jean~

Beware the Frozen Hardt (Haha get it ok no)